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Profit centre founded in the company Maxim AG, Aarau


Founding of the company under the name Elcalor AG for the production and sale of industrial and commercial electrical equipment and household appliances. The newly founded company is subsequently sold to Therma AG, Schwanden.


Production and sale of electric storage heaters and systems.


Spin-off of the cooker and kitchen combination production to Therma Schwanden.


Concentration of boiler production in Aarau. Integration of the heating system manufacturing company Maxim into Elcalor.


Spin-off of the Therma cooling division from Therma AG and integration into Elcalor AG.


Acquisition of the Therma Group (Elcalor Aarau, Therma Sursee, Therma Schwanden, Volta Bregenz) by Electrolux Switzerland.


Sale of the Elcalor domestic engineering division (electric heaters, boilers and heating pumps) to Walter Meier Holding AG. Renaming of Elcalor AG to Electrolux Systemtechnik AG.


Founding of the profit centre Electrolux refrigeration appliances.


Takeover of Juno cooking systems. Transfer of cooling production from Aarau to Sursee.    


Sale of the profit centre machinery (testing and stacking machines).


Renaming of Electrolux Systemtechnik AG to Electrolux Professional AG. The company is registered as a stock corporation. Electrolux Professional AG serves as the legal umbrella for six sectors active in gastronomy, catering and industry:
- Electrolux refrigeration appliances
- Electrolux dishwashing technology
- Electrolux heating elements and control systems
- Therma cooling
- Juno cooking systems
- Servitech
Electrolux heating elements and control systems profit centre is active in the production and sale of heating elements and regulating devices.


Management buyout of the Therma cooling division. Thus, 4 divisions remain in Electrolux Professional Aarau. These are:
- Servitech
- Therma canteens
- WVK Hot/Wet/Cold
- Heating elements


Renaming of the divisions (profit centres) in:
- Service
- Sales
- Heating elements


Spin-off of the heating elements division by Electrolux and sale to the Swedish NIBE Group. As of March 1, 2011, a new stock corporation was founded with the company name Backer ELC AG.


- Relocation of the production and company site from Aarau to Teufenthal (Aargau canton).
- Takeover and integration of the "heating cable" production segment


Takeover and integration of the "tubular heaters and appliances" division of Lükon as well as the Lükon brand.