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For over eighty years now we have been developing, producing and selling highly compressed round and flat heating rods for industrial and commercial applications. We capitalise on these many years of experience to offer our customers tailored overall solutions in the areas of heating, measuring and controlling.


We are able to meet the diverse wishes and requirements of our customers in the best possible way thanks to state-of-the-art infrastructure.






Due to the spread of the coronavirus, Backer ELC AG has taken measures to contain the pathogen in accordance with the FOPH recommendation for the working environment. Since mid-January 2021, masks have been compulsory in the office and in the production halls, employees generally wear masks, except at the workplace, as long as there are no other people nearby. In addition, we work in home offices wherever possible in order to reduce the risk of infection, break down the peak burden on the healthcare system, and protect particularly vulnerable population groups. All our employees are aware of the recommendations and implement them conscientiously.



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Our strength lies in creating individual solutions that fully meet the needs of our customers. We are very flexible in our production and use our extensive knowledge to ensure that you get the right product for you. Our products have a very reliable longevity and are manufactured and tested to the highest Swiss quality standards.

Satisfied customers are important to us

We are very committed to maintaining a close relationship with our customers so that they feel they can always reach us at Backer ELC, whenever they need us. Be it via our virtual chat facility, by phone or via e-mail.



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